Fabulous Fire Fridays

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It's Fabulous Fire Friday! What does that mean? you wonder. Every Friday I pull an oracle card from @thelolapickett Empath Power deck that will help you focus your inner fire to strengthen your energy boundaries. And what better time to start than today, lucky Friday the 13th in the light of the full moon? 😃😃😃🌕🌕🌕 And what better timing than during the holidays when EVERYONE'S energy (both bright and dark) is amped up?! So so important to set boundaries. We don't need to carry the weighty energy of others. We've got our own load to carry. Today's card helps empower us to feel safe in experiencing our feelings. The words we tell ourselves are so powerful. Let's choose ones that strengthen and lift us up! 💪🔥 #setboundaries #energywork #fabulousfirefriday #whatsmine #whatsnotmine #fridaythe13th #fullmoon

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