New things on the horizon!

Sneak peek! New things on the horizon! Including this, uh, phone. 😉 Over the next few days, as we get closer to the wolf full moon during a lunar eclipse (I mean, seriously??), there will be a flurry of activity here. So keep your eyes peeled! You won’t want to miss a thing! I’m so excited!!! Can you feel it?? 🤩🤩🤩🎉🎉🎉 #yogaeverydamnday #meditation #40daymeditation #intuitivevoice #divineself #satnam #manifest #createin2020 #transformationalretreat #kundalini #kundaliniyoga #bhakti #creativewriting #expressivewriting #sacredcircles #vinyasainverse

Happy New Year

Bonus! Fabulous Fire Friday on a Tuesday!

Fabulous Fire Friday!

Fabulous Fire Fridays

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It's Fabulous Fire Friday! What does that mean? you wonder. Every Friday I pull an oracle card from @thelolapickett Empath Power deck that will help you focus your inner fire to strengthen your energy boundaries. And what better time to start than today, lucky Friday the 13th in the light of the full moon? 😃😃😃🌕🌕🌕 And what better timing than during the holidays when EVERYONE'S energy (both bright and dark) is amped up?! So so important to set boundaries. We don't need to carry the weighty energy of others. We've got our own load to carry. Today's card helps empower us to feel safe in experiencing our feelings. The words we tell ourselves are so powerful. Let's choose ones that strengthen and lift us up! 💪🔥 #setboundaries #energywork #fabulousfirefriday #whatsmine #whatsnotmine #fridaythe13th #fullmoon

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Grateful for Growth

The easy thing to say is: be grateful. After all, it’s Thanksgiving season. The time when we are called to appreciate the things of this life. Be grateful. Be thankful. When November hits, these messages are everywhere we turn.

Easy to say, but do you mean it? How do you express gratitude? How do you show it? How do you feelit? What about the not-so-nice things? Can you be grateful for those? Can you be grateful for the officer who pulled you over and ticketed you because he says you didn’t use your turn signal, when, in fact, you did? Can you be grateful for the experience of showing up in court to speak with the fast-talking don’t-look-them-in-the-eye prosecutor who tells you that the fine just increased by an additional $250 for simply showing up in court? I’ll be honest. That’s a tough one.

But think of it this way: every experience we have is there to help us learn and grow. To expand and evolve as spiritual beings having a human experience. (Why on earth would we want to evolve?? Hahaha! I make jokes.) No one said growth was pleasant or comfortable. Yes, sometimes those human experiences are difficult, painful, even traumatic. But there are gorgeous ones too. Like the daybreak on the beach with no one else around. Or watching someone’s eyes light up from within just because you said hello. (Oh, what a thing to be seen!) Or reading a poem that makes your body sing. But ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you will learn from these experiences or not. If you choose to not grow (or if you are still working on your awareness skills and don’t know any better), the universe will send you plenty more experiences over and over until you finally learn the lessons needed to evolve your spirit-soul. So, be grateful for these opportunities to grow.

Gratitude brings abundance. Always. And when it’s hard to be truly grateful, simply say: thank you. And then watch what happens.

I’d like to take this time to say that I am grateful for all of you. For you—yes YOU!– reading this. For sharing your presence with me, whether in class, in text/email exchanges, as my teachers, as students, as friends. Simply for just being. I appreciate you. Thank you for being in the world. And for being in my world.

I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving full of love, light, and gratitude.

Break the Pattern

If you’ve been in my yoga world for a while (or even if you’re just my friend), you’ve heard me say that it all starts with awareness. Everything starts with awareness. Awareness of breath, of thoughts, of physical sensation. But, you might wonder, once you are aware, what then? What do you do with that awareness? Well, all kinds of amazing things! Like levitate! Hahaha! I’m kidding. Kinda. You can read Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras for more info on how to do that. 😉

I’ve been listening to Eckhart Tolle’s books, The Power of Nowand A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. (I spend half of my waking hours in a car, driving around half of New Jersey – this is the only way I can “read” books these days.) As a result, I’m gaining a better understanding of how awareness can change our lives. And that is not an over-statement. I’m serious. But don’t worry, I’m not going to summarize the books for you or try to impart all the deep teachings he shares in the books. I’m only going to ask you this:

What is one habit or pattern you want to change? What is one thing that you notice you do automatically, without thinking, and don’t like it? (Or maybe there is something you do that you’re not even aware of.)

No, I’m not going to tell you how to break that habit. I don’t have the secrets to success in just 21 days! Nope. What I’m going to do is invite you to pay attention. To be aware of what you are doing. Whether it’s a morning routine (a cup of coffee or a mug of warm lemon water) or a go-to response to certain situations (Guy cuts you off on the road. You flip the bird or yell expletives.). Just take this month and observe yourself. Be as objective as possible. Become the one who steps back and simply observe. Then observe the effects of the habit or pattern. Does it give you an outcome that feels positive? Does it keep you stuck in the same place? Be honest with the answers to these questions. I already know some folks will say, “yes, coffee makes me feel positive – it wakes me up and energizes me.” Take the question a little deeper: what happens when you take the coffee away? “I don’t feel positive. I feel tired and grouchy.” Next question: can you feel positive without the coffee? Is the coffee a crutch? Is your answer a story you are telling yourself? What is the real, truthful answer? (Don’t get me wrong – I’ve got nothing against coffee. This is just to illustrate how awareness can take you deeper within, to push inquiry and possibly create moments of growth, of evolution.)

This might feel like a lot to some folks. Just take it easy. Start with small observations. Noticing objectively, aka awareness, is already a powerful tool. Then take it from there. And remember to be kind to yourself. No judgments. Only love.

Don’t forget to check out the workshops I’ve got going on this month and next! Yin with a Bhakti Spin with Emily Katz – two opportunities at Lotus and Onyx! —a 4-week Kundalini series, and a couple of Kudanlini full & new moon workshops in November! Details below.

Have a great month!

Ever grateful–