Private Sessions & Coaching

Open Your Heart: an INDIVIDUAL 40-day meditation program, LEVEL 1

A 40-day meditation program designed to facilitate transformation, which includes two (2) live one-on-one coaching calls and four (4) weekly check-in emails. Starts Jan 24th!


Open Your Heart: an INDIVIDUAL 40-day meditation program, LEVEL 2

A 40-day meditation program designed to facilitate personal transformation, which includes everything from Level 1 **PLUS! a personal video asana practice to allow for a deeper integration of the meditative practice into the body. Starts Jan 24th!


Have you felt like you haven’t been living the life you’re meant to live? As if there were something more, something you can’t quite articulate? Or maybe you know what you need to do but feel held back by fear and uncertainty.

What if you could clear blocks, shift old patterns, and move past your fear? Imagine what it might be like to thrive in your life! To flow with the energy of the universe and express your most authentic self!

Together, we can create a practice rooted in mediation, yoga, and creative writing that helps to heal wounds and facilitate your growth and expansion into living your life’s purpose.

Set up an appointment to see if we’re a good fit by emailing me: leslieannyoga (at) gmail (dot) com I look forward to hearing from you!


More about Private Sessions

These are a great way to work one-on-one to build and deepen your practice –whether it’s yoga or meditation or both– at your pace. If you’re new to yoga & meditation and feeling a little shy or self-conscious, private sessions are an excellent way to feel more confident in your mind and body before going out into the world of public classes.

In a private session, we’ll talk a little about what you’re looking for and set some small goals. Then, we’ll move through an asana practice, whether it’s vinyasa/hatha or Kundalini. If you’re a beginner, we’ll move at your pace. If you’re a more seasoned practitioner, we’ll test your comfort zone and see how far you can go. Or we can develop a meditation practice just for you – one that you can sustain on your own over time. It’s all in your hands.

Small group rates are also available if you’re interested in having a private class with a few friends.

Private sessions make a great gift for that person who keeps talking about starting yoga but doesn’t know where to go. Or for that person who has every yoga book on their shelf! Let’s talk to see if we’re a good fit! Sign up for an initial assessment here today!