Honing Your Intuitive Voice:
a transformational retreat

Aug 5-9, 2020
in gorgeous Sonoma County, California

The world we live in is full of noise so loud that we can hardly hear our intuitive voice: the voice that guides us to our true north, the voice that speaks nothing but truth. So many of us have lost our ability to hear the inner voice deep within ourselves. Join me on this retreat from the noise of our everyday lives to get quiet and go within.

During this retreat, we will use different ways to connect with, listen to, and amplify our intuitive voices. Among them are meditation, gentle yoga, expressive writing. We will also use our physical voices to bring what’s within without through singing, chanting, laughing.

Are you a writer feeling stuck in your usual process and looking for ways to re-energize your writing? Or maybe you’re working on a project that needs a fresh charge of energy. Or are you still looking for your voice?

Are you a yogi or meditator who has become stuck in familiar patterns and is looking to break out and break through?

Are you a person looking to evolve and grow as a spiritual being having a human experience?

Or maybe you are all of these things!

Then this is the retreat for you!

Taking place on an expansive country ranch in beautiful Petaluma, Sonoma County, we will come together in community and explore our edges. We’ll push the familiar boundaries of our comfort zone, strip away all the noise, and express our intuitive voices. Join me on this transformational journey to your Self!

The retreat includes:

* Five days and four nights of expertly facilitated meditation and yoga sessions, expressive writing, and evening sacred sharing circles.
* Personal quiet time for reflection, exploration, and writing.
* Single occupancy bedrooms in cottages on a beautiful country ranch in wine country.
* Three seasonal and locally-sourced vegetarian meals per day provided by a personal chef.

What’s NOT included:

* Travel to the retreat site
* Insurance: Personal, Medical and Travel Cancellation Insurance
* Off-site excursions

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